1 discussion due in 24 hours



DF Instructions: Community Discussion Forum-Epidemiology & Disease prevention and outcomes


Select A or B  for your primary discussion posting. 

A-        How can data collection for notifiable diseases be improved?
            Why is tracking vital statistics so important?
            How does calculating Years of Potential Life Lost change the way we think about community health efforts?


B-      Which components of the Multicausation Disease Model can communities most effectively impact?
         Which level of prevention is most important for better community health outcomes and why?
         Who plays a more significant role in preventing diseases, individuals or communities?

Directions for the primary posting

1) Limit your initial post to 250-300 words.

2) Use at least 2 literature resources to support your work in APA 7th format. Your textbook can be one of the resources.

3) Address all three assigned items above that included in section A or B.

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