Prompt: After watching Neïl Beloufa’s Kempinski (2007) and Wanuri Kahiu’s Pumzi (Breath) (2009) and reading the interviews and Wainaina’s essay, answer the following questions:


Wainaina’s essay: https://granta.com/how-to-write-about-africa/?fbclid=IwAR2fc_N1xB2hW7USgfTEFKuOx2DuwnY_wuEW9z1uiahyYdexfnJYdMVVxDc

1.Which ideas and images of Africa mentioned in Wainaina’s essay are most unsurprising to you?

2.Why do you think Wainaina wrote this essay? Who do you think is the audience?

3.Choose to discuss either Beloufa’s Kempinski (2007) OR Kahiu’s Pumzi (Breath) (2009). How do you think your chosen film engages with the ideas and images of Africa mentioned in Wainaina’s essay?

3.1 Be sure to reference at least one scene from your chosen film.

3.2 Kempinski. Directed by Neïl Beloufa. Vimeo. 2007. Length: 13:58. https://vimeo.com/100106460

3.3 Pumzi (Breath). Directed by Wanuri Kahiu. Uploaded on December 7, 2012. YouTube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlR7l_B86Fc&t=4s

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