6 Hour Deadline …Briefly answer the following questions.. Please do not plagiarize.

  1. Discuss the differences between tariffs and quotas. How are they the same, and how ae they different?
  2. How does international trade alter the distribution of income and wealth within a country and among different countries? Is trade a force of equality or inequality?
  3. What is monopsony? How can professional sport teams be considered monopsonies?
  4. Define what is often called a business cycle. Why is the case and characteristics of each business cycle is different?
  5. How did the financial crises of 2007 begin in the real estate market?
  6. Discuss the relative effectiveness of the Federal reserve policy control methods, namely open market operations, the discount rate and the legal reserve requirements.
  7. Discuss exogenous theories of the business cycle postulate. Give an example that help consolidate your discussion. 
  8. Explain why a strong macro system should keep eye on unemployment and inflation to run a healthy economy. 
  9. What is cyclical unemployment? What policy should you pursue to fight cyclical unemployment?
  10. What is full-employment rate of unemployment? Discuss.

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