Application of Evidence: Portfolio 4

 Write a 3-4 page paper describing an evidence-based quality improvement project, based on your PICOT question, and your organization (page count does not include title and reference pages).

  1. Structure the paper as follows:
    1. Create a title page.
    2. Introduce your topic to the reader.  Tell why the clinical issue or patient outcome needs to be improved.
      1. Why is current practice in the area of interest being questioned? (provide data)
      2. State your PICOT question, and describe what makes up the P, the I, the C, the O, and the T parts of it.
      3. Define the purpose of the project (connect the evidence and the project). What is going to be studied/addressed? Why?
    3. The next several sections (use headings and subheadings as appropriate)  should address the following points. Use the evidence that you have gathered so far from the research studies you reviewed in Modules 2 and 3.
      1. Summarize the evidence with a focus on implications for practice (from the 10 articles you reviewed in Modules 2 and 3). This section will look similar to a review of the literature that you have seen in the research studies you have analyzed.
      • Indicate how the research studies are applicable to the project
      • Identify how similar methods might be applied to this project to be successful
      • Identify who will be involved in the study.
      • What is the process for getting this project/study approved for implementation?
      • Describe who would need to know about the project. Does approval need to be received from the institutional review board (IRB)? When do the person/people need to know? How will the person/people be informed?
    4. Assume that this project/study was proposed to be done at your place of employment.
    5. Describe the process for including stakeholders
    6. Define baseline data collection sources (such as existing datasets, electronic health records, etc.), methods (questionnaires, observation) and measures (how will the results be evaluated). What will be needed to conduct the study?
    7. Define the post-project outcome indicator of a successful project (i.e., how would those doing the project, or researchers, know if the project were successful)?
    8. Summarize the proposed project/study.
    9. Include a reference page in APA format.

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