Argumentative essay

After watching my videos and reading chapter 19-23 you should be familiar with argumentation and research methods. For this TEST you will write a 700-1000 word (word count does NOT include Cover page, Abstract or Reference pages) Argumentative essay over your approved topic.  Review last week’s notes for additional information.  

Remember emotion has no room in this essay. Stick to the facts to support your argument. You must include aspects of personal responsibility and decision making in the choices of your argumentative topic. In your essay you will evaluate choices and actions, and relate consequences to your decision on the stance of your topic.  Feel free to include similar comments about personal responsibility regarding the opposing side of your topic.    

You will have to use at least two outside sources (No Wikipedia or social media sources:Twitter, Facebook etc.).  You must correctly cite all sources in APA style both within your essay and on your References page.  You should also consult the Online Writing Lab (OWL):

on correct APA citations both on your References page and within your essay.  

Please remember, that I have to approve your topic before you can do it. Please check the discussion board to make sure you know what your topic is.  I encourage you do use your classmates for peer review.  You may email your draft to your classmates–please no later than three days prior to the final deadline to give them ample time to critique and get it back to you.  Critiques should be emailed back no later than 48 hours prior to the deadline.

As always, ALL assignments must be done in APA style, double-spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font. See the sample APA essay at this link and make yours look like it:

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