ARTH 334

Watch a Western or a Musical film made in the last 30 years. (Assignments in this class cannot overlap so do not pick a film you have already written on or one that you plan to work on in the future.)

What does it have in common with the films of that genre in the week Four content? How is the film different? Discuss what typifies the film genre you are watching and analyze the history of that genre based on what you learned in the course content lectures.

How does Cinematography play a part in the film you watched? Identify at least three places where cinematography significantly impacted your film and explain how it did so.


Last week, we explored the comedy, melodrama, horror, and science-fiction genres. Now, we explore the Western genre. Westerns were among some of the most popular genres during the 1940s and 1950s. Watch this lecture to learn more about the history of the Western and the importance of the genre in cinema. This lecture should be referenced in this week’s discussion, Paper One, Paper Two, or the final essay if you choose to analyze a Western film.

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