Benjamin Franklin

 Read the three starter threads.  Post TWO thoughtful original observations on this board.  

  • Post once in the “Favorite Aphorism” thread.  Be sure to make the post personal as the prompt requires.
  • Post once in either the “Basic Principles” or the “Autobiography” thread. 

“The Way to Wealth” is a collection of wise sayings called aphorisms – brief statements of basic principles.  All of the aphorisms in this collection have to do with money – how to accumulate it, how to use it, how to protect it, etc. 

Identify one basic principle you find in “The Way to Wealth.”  Each basic principle will have many aphorisms to back it up. Share at least two aphorisms that illustrate this one principle.


  • Share just one specific principle from the work.  
  • Do not begin with an aphorism; begin by identifying and defining a principle.
  • Support your answer by giving aphorism(s) that illustrate the principle.  

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