Black Australian Literature Q&A

Please provide short 3 to 5 sentence answers to each of the following nine questions:

Introductory Videos

The Sapphires trailer

Are the Sapphires passing and appropriating African American culture or is something more complex taking place in their performance? 

First Australians. Episode 1.

What is the nature of the relationship between Bennelong and Sydney?

Short biographical video:

Is Bobbi Sykes presented as Aboriginal posthumously?

Roberta Sykes’s Snake Cradle

Describe the relationship between the protagonist and her mother.

Who is the protagonist’s father? Where is he from? What is his ethnicity?

What happens to the kittens?

What are the various ethnic classifications that people employ to identify the protagonist?

How do snakes appear in this first half of the story? 

Is this a fictional novel or a factual autobiography? Why?

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