Children literature & Psycholinguistic

Research Question: Rhyme in children literature and its influence on development of childhood language

Background:All human beings with functional language ability are fond of rhymes. In childhood, people may like rhyming poems and novels; grown-ups like rap music and freestyles. All of these give people phonological joys. Language development is crucial to their lives, especially early childhood. The language environment in which kids grow up determines their life-long language ability. However, adult language somehow doesn’t give kid enough stimulus to learn vocabularies. However, rhymes bring kid joys which, in term, also spur their ability of learning language. 


1. Please write a 1200-essay-word essay.

2. Analysis of diction-using and rhymes in Jumanji, The Cat In The Hat, Room On The Broom and Dummer Hoff. Here are some links you may use:

3. Please analyze why children like rhymes

4. Please analyze what benefits do rhymes bring children, specifically in what way do rhymes in children literature help children with developing language. (Please citing a sufficient amount of psycholinguistic papers to support your point)

5. Please respond: why does this matter in the real world? Why does this matter to children? Why does this matter to the literature realm

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