Christianity Questions

Make sure questions are related to the Gospel and Vatican II documents (especially Dei Verbum, Lumen Gentium, Nostra Aetate), and to major themes and concepts from the Bible and the Second Vatican Council. Provide an explanation and analysis of the objective Christian teachings on the question.

1. Who is God? Explain the Christian view of God:

2. Can non-Christians go to heaven? Discuss the Christian saying: “No Salvation Outside the Church”:

3. What are the 4 Marks of the Church? Do all Christians believe in them?

4. Explain the Christian concept of Liturgy, including an evaluation of good worship. 

5. Compare and evaluate the presentation of Jesus in the Gospels with the Old Testament religion (the Jewish way of worship, their moral law, and their expectation of a Messiah).

Only Sources that can be used: 

-Ep. 2: Opening of Vatican II & Liturgy/Sacrosanctum Concilium ( YouTube)




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