Cold War in the US themed paper, up to 1200 words, double spaced

This paper is on the 60s cold-war era novel Fail Safe (summary of text required is attached, reading the book is not required for this). Also part of this paper refers to Paul Brians opinion on the end of the book as shown here:

There is a short paragraph on chapter 2 and one on chapter 3 of this webpage so you only need to scroll through not read the whole text.

The question to answer is:

Some authors (including Paul Brians) think the President’s solution to his dilemma at the end of Fail-Safe is ludicrous. Given the state of the Cold War in the 1960s, do you agree? Use at least five outside sources (Brians does not count) in your answer. Length: No more than 1250 words¬†

Please use Chicago style, including citations. Font should be Times New Roman, 12-point with double spacing. Maximum length is 1200 words.

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