Community Needs Paper about Lack of lactation resources in underserved Los Angeles

Below is the grading rubric and an old powerpoint that has some information that you may be able to use.  The topic is “Lack of lactation education/resources for women in underserved Los Angeles areas.  Utilize Nola Pender for section #3- conceptual framework.  Let me know if you have any questions.  


Group Community Health Promotions Paper

Guidelines and Grading Criteria

Select a community health problem and design a health promotions project

1. Introduce the topic for analysis and the potential impact for public health nursing, include 

background for the issue and the purpose of the paper  10%

****TOPIC: Lack of lactation education/resources in underserved areas of Los Angeles

2. Identify current publications concerning the issue being analyzed – literature review  30%

In this section the team must demonstrate analysis and synthesis of the extant literature. 

The review should include information published in refereed journals, authoritative websites, government and other publications. References should be current and reflective of 

contemporary thought with regard to the selected issue

****Current references 2015 and after

3. Conceptual Framework  10%

Identify the theoretical model the team will use to support the conceptual framework

that guides the constructs of your paper ( Milio’s Framework for Prevention, Health 

Belief Model, Pender Health Promotion Model, Critical Social Theory, Orem Self 

Care Deficit Theory, Leventhal’s Self-Regulation Model, Precede-Proceed Model, etc)

****Nola Pender Health Promotion Model (in slides)

4. Project Plan  30%

This section should include an identification and review of the health information

needed, description of the manner by which the data will be collected and analyzed,

presentation of possible solutions to the problem, identification of key community

partnerships, and the plan for monitoring, assessing and evaluating.

5. Conclusion  15%

This section should include how the team perceives a potential resolution for the

problem addressed and how that resolution might contribute to the advancement of

primary care nursing practice

6. Scholarly writing style  5%

The writing style for the paper should adhere to APA guidelines with regard to

format, citations, spelling, and correct use of grammar and punctuation. Length of the

paper should not exceed 20 double-spaced pages, including reference list.

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