Death of Archbishop Essay

 Author Willa Cather, in her novel Death Comes for the Archbishop, explores images integral to the 19th Century Southwestern United States as the belief in Manifest Destiny propelled the expansion of our nation. Consider Cather’s themes/aspects of importance, and discuss her presentation of one or several of these (list found in Cather slides in “Content”) in a well written essay. Be sure to include the following in your discussion:  Introduction paragraph containing, as its last sentence, a well written thesis statement which clearly articulates your assertion. Your assertion should focus in on one or several theme(s)/aspect(s) of importance present in the novel. Example thesis statement using 3 themes/aspects of importance: Willa Cather presents vivid images of perseverance, missionary work, and Native American culture through the events that unfold as Bishop Latour journeys through the newly acquired U.S. territory in Death Comes for the Archbishop. Example thesis statement using 1 theme/aspect of importance: Through Cather’s vivid imagery and depictions in Death Comes for the Archbishop, the author presents the geography of the Southwestern U.S. as both dangerously unforgiving and beautifully inspiring.  Body paragraphs offering a well-organized and detailed discussion of your supporting points. Discuss several examples illustrating the presence or development of your chosen theme(s)/aspect(s).  Textual evidence through detailed description/quotes from the novel should be incorporated as support.  Conclusion paragraph restating your thesis, recapping your examples of support, and offering your own insights regarding the significance of Cather’s novel/why this work is worthy of our attention. Additionally, the essay should be written in #12 font, double-spaced, with MLA intext citation. The only sources for your discussion should be the novel itself and your own insights. The essay should be 3-4 pages in length. 

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