Having explored Jainism and Jain Ascetic lifestyle in this week’s course content, analyze one of the following topics: 

  • Jain principle of Anekant (multiplicity of truth), Ahimsa (non-harming) and Non-possession (limitation of wants, accumulation and consumption) can help in living a happy, harmonious and prosperous life along with saving the planet and supporting sustainable development? Give the arguments to defend or reject the above statement.
  • Choose any one of the topics of Jainism discussed in the course book, and compare and contrast it with other Indian and Western religions.
  • Analyze the lifestyle of ascetics who travel to different places, spreading the message of nonviolence. Do you consider this phenomenon to be a source for social healing? Why, or why not? Justify your point of view. 


  • You are required to refer to the week’s course content to defend your viewpoint
  • 300 words minimum
  • Check for typos, punctuation, and grammar.

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