Discussion #68

choose a nursing theory and research an article that includes a nursing theory and its utilization in nursing practice or nursing research. Write a two paragraph summary of the article highlighting the application of the selected nursing theory to nursing practice and reaserach 

Article should be current, peer reviewed and within a five year span.

-Use APA format for your references and citations

submit trough turn it in 

We are getting deeper into the fall semester to remind you of the services the Library & Learning Resource Center has to offer. They provide instructional sessions, which include APA formatting, Ask-an-MRU Librarian chat feature, and research instruction. These sessions can be personalized to your needs. Please feel free to contact  Sherry Cortes either at scortes@mru.edu, 912-433-6200, Katia Nunez at knunez@mru.edu, 305-442-9223, ext. 6018 and 6045, and the general library at library@mru.edu. They will provide assistance for upcoming assignments that require APA and literature research 

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