Discussion (International Business)

For this discussion board, you will watch the movie Poverty, Inc. Once you have finished watching it, post your reaction here. This discussion board will be used for a more in-depth discussion in class.

(Recall: this discussion board and movie are being assigned as a way to make up the time lost during the week following spring break when the university was closed.)

Writing Prompts:

1. This film contains a bit of discomfort in terms of learning about poverty and some of the unintended consequences that go along with “giving.” State what was uncomfortable for you and develop the “why” you felt this way.

2. Is discomfort a necessary component of growth in this sense? Why?

3. What did you learn about charity? How do you feel about charity?  Compare charity with social responsibility.

Link to Video: https://youtu.be/yPmawWgpX0s

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