Do The Right Thing Film Analysis (2 assignments)

I have two assignments, one short and one long. Here is the first which needs to be 200-300 words: 

After watching the movie and reading the section on Cultural Studies, “Race, Ethnicity and National Origin”, in Writing About Movies;

Does the movie reinforce traditional stereotypes of minority characters?

Or does it seem to be working against them? How so?

The second assignment is 2 pages: 

Writing Assignment – Do The Right Thing – two pages minimum

Read the section on Cultural Studies, “Race, Ethnicity and National Origin”, in Writing About Movies. 

David Sterritt, in a 2002 review said that Spike Lee, “at his best he has an extraordinary ability to rethink social and cultural issues in strikingly original motion picture terms.”

Following the style of a cultural analysis (as explained in Writing About Movies), give examples of the cinematic techniques or elements that support this statement. Include your personal opinions and support them with specific examples from the movie.

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