due in 5 hours from now

– follow the instructions (only for presentation ) need answer all the questions 

-no copy 

-need choose a about environment economic topic. 

-Basically we have two main tools that we have discussed thus far:

1) The balancing of marginal damages and marginal abatement costs for problems involving a continuous variable, like emissions.

2) Cost Benefit analysis for choosing optimally in discrete choice problems: e.g. do we choose primary, secondary or tertiary sewage treatment. 

-need have own opinion for the environmental issue , an argument for what you think the best course of action should be.

– make a PPT (do not write many words on ppt) only write main words 

– below the ppt you need to write what you will say, because it’s a presenation,

– so all of the presentation need 700 words

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