ECO342: Principles of Econometrics (BSK046DS)


The Assignment:

Since a multiple regression can have any number of explanatory variables, how do we decide how many variables to include in any given situation?

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Tips & Hints:

Be sure to respond to the assignment.  Do not waste effort on preliminaries like defining what a multiple regression is or anything of that sort!  Just jump right in!
1)  Discuss “…how do we decide how many variables to include in any given…” multiple regression?   You will want to explain specifically how you decide to include more variables… and specifically how you decide when enough is enough.  You will want to consider at least a couple different arguments for adding or deleting variables.  This is an important question… and relates directly to the Final Assignment in this course!   As for other Discussions, you will find much directly useful information in my Guidance for the week!  Use it!   A successful response will leverage fully the detailed information that the text and this Classroom provide .2)  Respond to your classmates’ initial posts. 

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