ECON 2200 MOD 2 DB


Part 1: Your primary post word range (for all sections combined; not each one separately) is between 150 and 350 words maximum.  You can write approximately 10% below the 150-word minimum or approximately 10% above the 350-word maximum, but anything outside the 10% leeway will bring about automatic point deductions depending on how far outside the range your primary post is.  

Discussion Questions: Answer each section below in separate paragraphs. 

  1. What are property rights and contractual rights, and what roles do they play in fostering economic growth?
  2. To foster economic growth, should the government play a larger or smaller role in the economy?  Explain why.
  3. To improve a country’s standard of living, would your primary recommendation be to increase GDP, or would your primary recommendation focus more on something else, and what would that be?  Explain why.

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