Before starting, ensure you have 420 observations. Do not delete any observations.

The dependent variable for all regressions is testscr. In the Economic Control variables table, Y indicates it was included and N indicates that the variable was not included while running the regression. The numbers reported in the top portion of the table are parameter estimates, while those in brackets are the standard errors. 


1. Replicate the regressions with HC1 heteroskedastic errors in the table on the next page. Report the SER and R-square as well. Please arrange your results in the same format. (7 regression x 1=7 points)

For example, in Model (1) in the table on the next page, the   run is:


2. For Model 6, run and interpret the hypothesis tests in the lower portion of the table. (3 tests x 1 point = 3 points) 

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