economic and business statistics

 Just 3 pages group project. The requirement down below

Perform the quantitative analysis with the SPSS data file you have prepared, describe how you plan to analyze your data, which statistical techniques were used and why, and the outcome of your analysis. are encouraged to use a variety of statistical techniques including chisquare test, t-test, ANOVA, Two-Way ANOVA, Correlation and Regression. Each team is required to perform at least 5 analysis techniques which are from chapters 1 to 8. Use a significance level of 0.10 for statistical tests. The data analysis report should be NO longer than 15 double-spaced pages, printed on one side of the page, excluding references and appendices. Provide the results of the data analysis with an interpretation in reference to your research objectives, using graphs and charts to support your results. Use the APA style of referencing. Here is an example title page. Please note that you are expected to perform all statistical analysis using SPSS software; however, students may use Minitab statistical software if they are having difficulty with SPSS software. You can use PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheet to create custom charts.

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