economics final

Final Project Description: 

1. For the final project, you should have compiled data on US GDP for the year 2017. Using this data you were to create a circular flow map of the US.


1. Title:  The start of your presentation should have a title that is both short and very descriptive of your project. Directly under the title, you should include your name.

2. The body of the presentation:

a. Content of Presentation: The content of the presentation should consist of pictures that portray the information that you are attempting to get across to your audience on the topic. Each picture within the presentation should illustrate a section of GDP that is within your topic. You are allowed to include key notes within the presentation below the picture, but nothing more than 1 sentence. You are to demonstrate the GDP circular flow model of the US economy. Using the formula GDP = C + I + G + EX – IM. 

C is consumption of goods and services by consumers. I is investment by businesses. G is government spending (Federal, State, and Local). EX is exports of goods from the US. IM is imports of goods into the US. You will research the monetary value for each for the year 2017. You will describe each component of the business cycle using audio within your presentation. Your presentation should show how each component of GDP influences the other and the overall economy. 

b. The Abstract: This is a brief synopsis of the entire work, and should be provided at the end of the presentation. Most abstracts are one or two paragraphs in length.  The abstract should be understandable without being a transcript of the presentation. 


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