Directions: Choose ONE of the following essay prompts and write a two page response. Make sure to brainstorm and proofread.

1.  A family heirloom is an item that may or may not have monetary value, but is passed through the generations in hopes that family members will preserve the item.

From a hand-made guilt handed down through the generations, to your mother’s wedding dress, to a book or piece of jewelry, many families have items that are special and cannot be sold at any price. How did you come to possess it? Why do you keep it?  For this essay, describe an heirloom that you care about.

2.  Many individuals tend to challenge the traditional definition of “family”. The conventional image of a family consists of two parents and their children (sometimes a pet is included), which is called the “nuclear family”. In your opinion, what is the traditional definition of family and does your family match that definition? Has your family created a new definition of family? Perhaps you are from a divorced family, or your grandmother raised you, or perhaps you have a best friend who is like a brother or a sister to you. Describe what your family structure is like and what makes your family unique.

3.  Describe a tradition your family holds. Who started the tradition and why is it important to your family? Do you hope to maintain that tradition with your immediate or future family? What is your favorite part about the tradition? Consideration of the work tradition could include a specific meal, a holiday ritual, a birthday celebration, a vacation, etc. Why is this tradition a part of your family?

Is there someone in your family who you have never met, but you would like to travel back in time to meet? Do your family members express that you look like, or favor someone in your family who you do not know? Think about your family tree and who in your family made an impact through the generations

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