Your essay and power point assignment will be done as followed : Osteochondroma (Knee)

You will write an essay on the pathology that I assign you. The essay will be done in APA style. The essay will be comprised of the etiology of the pathology, symptoms, and treatment. You will go into detail explaining everything about the Pathology. You will also explain the X-ray procedure that will be used to diagnose the pathology. You will explain how to perform the x-ray procedure for you specific pathology. I do not care how long your essay is as long as you explain and do all I asked for in the instructions.

 Your Power Point assignment will be a presentation of your essay but concentrated including pictures of the pathology and the pictures of the x-ray procedure step by step from the beginning of symptoms ,to diagnosis, and treatment. If you have any questions e-mail me. There will be no copy and paste I want the assignment done I n your own words, if I see any signs of plagiarism I will take off points.  

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