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Select one of the following topics to compose a well thought out essay.  Your essay must be between 750 and 800 words (at least 80% original writing), follow all directions, address all aspects of the prompt, and be in MLA format.  Please take the time to re-check the details in the readings to ensure your inclusions of them are accurate. Outside sources are not required; however, should you consult them, please be sure to cite in MLA format (both in-text citations and works cited). Please consult the syllabus writing guidelines and the essay and writing powerpoints to ensure you fulfill requirements for formality and form.  Un-cited outside material, off topic submissions, unapproved topic changes, and submissions shorter than 600 words will result in a grade of 0. Message me if you have other questions.  Please consult the grading key in “files” for feedback.  

topic: The writings of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine all reflect different world views, although all contributed to the formation of the country. Compare, using details from the assigned readings, how each of them helped contribute to the ethos of the United States as a whole.

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