Ethica and Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice week 7 DQ 12

 APA style and less than 10 % similarity

Please answer the following Discussion Question. Please be certain to answer the four questions on this week DQ and to provide a well-developed and complete answer to receive credit. Also, please ensure to have read the assigned chapters for the current week. 

Case Study, Chapter 24, As professional Registered Nurses we must have an understanding and grasp of the policy process and how are influence and create change. There is rapid change happening all around us. Please answer the following questions:

  1. What are the most significant nursing issues being debated in the policy area?
  2. Nurses are reluctant to become active in the political area. Describe what actions you can take to contribute to policy and make a difference.
  3. What do you believe will be the next major policy issue affecting nursing to be debated?

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