Exercise 10: single sponsor story and Journal 13

Exercise 10:

Now that you’ve considered several (probably dozens) of your literacy sponsors and the various influences they have had on your literacy development and identity, choose just one of those sponsors to write about more in-depth. In one or two pages (about 300-600 words), tell the story of that sponsor’s interaction with your literate life. Try to be as detailed as you can. You might use details or thoughts from this report in your literacy sponsorship analysis, although you are not required to include this sponsor in your essay. 


A successful story will include the following traits: 

  • It focuses on just one literacy sponsor. (5 points) 
  • It tells a story that leads to the sponsor’s effect on your life (especially your literate life). (5 points) 
  • It contains approximately 300-600 words. (5 points) 

Total possible score: 15 points 

Journal 13:

Write a response of 200-600 words to the following prompt: Reflect on your past and present reading, especially as it relates to your literacy development and sense of reader identity. You might address this prompt by answering some of the following or similar questions: 

  • What kinds of reading have you done for school? 
  • What kinds of reading have you done out of school? 
  • What kinds of reading have you been encouraged or even required to read? Under what circumstances? 
  • What kinds of reading have you been discouraged or even banned from reading? Under what circumstances? 
  • How has what you have read (and/or what you haven’t read), whether by your choice or another’s, benefited or advantaged you? 
  • How have you responded to external efforts to control your reading? 

Include the total word count of your response with your entry. 

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