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For your assignment this week you will choose one of the following films to watch:




In a 3 page reaction paper, using your readings/class notes from Campbell, Daniels Story Structure,  & reading from Hester as resources (mandatory), you should discuss how the film you chose follows or diverges from the typical story pattern and how the HERO fulfills or goes against typical tropes of the genre. For example DEADPOOL (Wade Wilson) and BATMAN (Bruce Wayne) as the Anti-Hero/Hero or in THE LAST JEDI, Rey’s journey as the heroine vs. Luke Skywalker’s journey as the hero. Does the nature of simply their characters bind them to a specific trope or stereotype of the way the stories are told? How do these film illustrate Campbell’s or Daniels structures? 

You are responsible for finding and watching the film you choose. These films are available on multiple platforms for streaming and download, notably if you already have a Disney+ account. Also available for rental on amazon, apple, and google play for a few dollars.

Frank Daniels

Joseph campbell

Patrick Hester

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