Final Examination responses


INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to two (2) of the examination questions below (choose only TWO). Be sure that the questions you choose are from two DIFFERENT columns!  In other words, do not answer more than one question in a column. Plan to devote 75-90 minutes to answering each question. Be sure to support your responses with specific quotations and examples from the texts you are discussing. Properly CITE all quotations and paraphrases according to the MLA citation formats you used in your Critical Essay.  Cite passages from novels, play and short story by page number in the course textbook, The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Major Authors, Vol. 2.10th ed. EACH QUESTION IS WORTH 50 POINTS. At the beginning of your answer, identify which question you’re answering by column letter and number (e.g. A2 or D3).

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