Global Diseases Presentation

Summarize, for a country of your choice: (India)

  • group of non-communicable diseases: Cardiovascular Disease (Ischemic heart, stroke) 

Include in your presentation:

  • the people most affected by this disease or diseases
  • key risk factors
  • the economic and social costs of the disease(s)
  • what might be done to address the disease(s) in cost-effective ways.
  • key organizations and institutions, their roles, and the manner in which they can cooperate to address these key global health issues


  1. 4 pages
  2. Use a minimum of three scholarly sources and cite your sources.
  3. Write in a professional manner with a logical sequence.
  4. No plagiarism 
  5. APA format  

Textbook : Global Health 101

4th Edition

Author: Richard Skolnik

Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Learning

Year: 2019

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