health care economics

Please answer question and use citations when using references . 

Vertical integration and bearing the cost has been tried many time since the 1990s.  Why is the outlook more promising today than it has ever been?


How much do we have to spend?  It’s in the TRILLIONS (Links to an external site.)

 Sommers, B. D., Fry, C. E., Blendon, R. J., & Epstein, A. M. (2018). New approaches in medicaid: Work requirements, health savings accounts, and health care access. Health Affairs, 37(7), 1099-1108,1A-7A. (Links to an external site.)

 Berenson, R. A. (2017). A physician’s perspective on vertical integration. Health Affairs, 36(9), 1585-1590. Retrieved from

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