health paper


Paper Overview

For this paper, you will build an argument about why a particular health problem should be of concern to a particular target audience (NOT college students). This will require you to research information about this problem. You will also select a health communication theory (select one from the list below) and explain how the health issue relates to the theory.

Health Theories

Extended Parallel Process Model, Health Belief Model (Revised), Diffusion of Innovations, Theory of Reasoned Action, Transtheoretical Model/Stages of Change, or Social Cognitive Theory

Paper Content

Your paper will include three sections: background, theory, and application. Remember to use the rubric as a checklist.

Background: For this section, you will provide an overview/definition/explanation of the health problem, who it affects, facts and statistics about the health problem, and how/why it affects your target audience. Be sure the facts and statistics are as up to date as possible. Also describe the consequences/possible negative effects of the health issue.

Theory: For this section, you will provide an overview of the theory, what the purpose of the theory is, and the main constructs/concepts related to the theory.

Application: Apply the theory to your chosen health issue. What does this theory say about your health problem? For example, does it explain why people engage in unhealthy behavior? Does it explain how you can solve the health problem? Based on the theory, what are possible ways that you can address your chosen health problem? For this section you may cite previous literature that has already applied the theory to your particular health issue and/or you may discuss how it could be applied in the future. *Remember to focus on the importance of communication in addressing the health issue.

Formatting and Other Requirements

  • 4-5 pages of text (that means 4 full pages, not a paragraph on the 4th page).
  • Include an introductory and concluding paragraph
  • References page in APA style (not included in the page count)
  • Minimum of 5 credible sources with in-text citations
  • Double-spaced; Times New Roman 12 pt. font; 1-inch margins
  • No more than 1 direct quote in the paper (put things in your own words)
  • Check for spelling/grammar issues

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