The initial Standards are used in NAEYC Accreditation of associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degree programs providing degree candidates with their first experience and/or credential in early childhood studies. These standards describe what early childhood professionals are expected to know and do, defining essential learning outcomes for professional preparation programs and presenting a shared vision of excellence.   As an aspiring Early Childhood Educator, it is imperative that you identify artifacts that supports your understanding of each of these standards. This is a key assignment for this course that will be submitted in November. The attached power point is provided to help you understand the standards better and to refresh what you have learned in previous courses throughout the program.

Understanding the Defining NAEYC and Standards.pptxPreview the document


After reading the standards and the PowerPoint, you will write a  2-3 page reflection of your understanding of these standards and will provided at least 1 example of an assignment or activity that can be used as an artifact for each standard.

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