I need help in Business ethics course.


Case Study Topic:

Wells Fargo: New Accounts / late fee charges issues

Points need to be covered:

Case Study Background – How did the ethical issue unfold and evolve

Identify the Main Characters

Ethical Issues: describe the type of issue(s), i.e, personal, organizational, industry, social/cultural)

What was the ethical issue outcome?

Could this have been avoided? How? 

Conclude with recommendations that could have been effective to remedy the problems in the handling of the case.


Total 6 pages word documentation (APA format) (excluding title and references page) –6 references

20 slides (APA format) (excluding title page and references pages) –6 references

Mandatory to follow: PowerPoint presentation should use graphics to convey key concepts and have slide citations. Use the notes section of PowerPoint to elaborate on key points.

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