Intro yourself

For this discussion, I’d like you to introduce yourself by discussing a place that’s been meaningful to you during the pandemic, or over the summer, or during remote learning. It can be a place that you love, that makes you happy, or a place that you hate, that makes you unhappy. This might be an outdoor space, a building, a room, or even a part of a room. For example, I could write about my desk, which I had to set up because of the pandemic, or how important my neighborhood block has become, or about my driveway, which is the only place I’ve been able to interact with friends. The place you choose is up to you.You can talk about any place that is meaningful to you in some way in relation to this summer, the pandemic, or remote learning/working. 

Once you’ve selected the place you want to share with us, you’ll then decide how you want to tell us about it: you could write a letter or poem about that place (like in the examples you read), write a story, use a photo and text (not just a photo), make a short video — it’s up to you! Be creative and have fun. 

Whatever you post should a) include enough descriptive detail that we understand what that place looks like and b) help us understand what associations you have with that place. It should also be clear how this place is related to your experiences over the last 6 months. 

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