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In several chapters from our online text, 20th and 21st Century architectures are described (Chapter 36 page 1181, Chapter 37 page 1217, Chapter 38 page 1269, and Chapter 40 pages 1313-1320). Compare and contrast the architectural themes and principles discussed in the online text with the architectural aspirations of Ole Sheeran’s TED Talk.

This writing assignment covers material across several chapters of our online text and will mostly contain your thoughts on 20th & 21st century architecture.

Assignment Notes: Describe the work of some prominent architects mentioned in the text as well as the work of Scheeran from the TED Talk lecture. Do you prefer/connect to any of the architectural styles? Describe a building/piece of architecture that you have seen or maybe that exists in your town that functions well and brings members of the community together.

This written assignment should be thoughtfully written in a minimum of 300 words.

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