lies of descent

  AFTER having read through the whole required chapters (1-28) of Lies of Descent,
pick some of the most important pieces of information
that you would test someone else on from chapters 13-28.

“If you were the teacher, what do you think a student should remember
from these chapters?” 
You’re not making trick questions, but more so questions of valuable information about the characters, the plot, the themes so far, the setting. You decide what is of most significance.

Test Creation:
1. TWO questions from each chapter. 
One T/F, 1 multiple choice.
For each question, put the page number beside the question that gives the best answer.

2. Create a journal question that you will also answer when you send the paper to me through the assignment board.

That means we have 13 Chapters to be tested over (15-28), for a total of 27 questions.

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