Literary analysis.

Write a 3- to 5-page literary analysis essay that analyzes Gilgamesh epic.  Your essay must be an argument that provides your interpretation/analysis of the work and supports that claim with appropriate and sufficient details (evidence) from the work.  Your interpretation must come from your own reading and thinking about the work—not from critical or literary analyses you have read about it. You must develop a central, controlling claim—the main argument you plan to support in your essay. Without a clear claim, the essay goes nowhere—it rambles, making points that seem unrelated. Consider what PERSPECTIVE you’d like to use to examine the work(s). for example, Cultural Perspective, Historical Perspective, Psychological Perspective, Marxist Perspective, Biographical Perspective, Feminist Perspective, Formalist Perspective. Or, consider a SPECIFIC LITERARY TOOL that the author used that you’d like to explore more deeply. Some examples include the following: Characterization, Language, Symbolism. MLA  format

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no plagiarism it will submit through turn it in

no plagiarism it will submit through turn it in

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