Elements of Friction Reaction

Using the story that you reacted to last week for your Journal #1, “The story of An hour” answer the following questions about the piece as thoroughly as you can. 

1. What is the overall plot structure to your piece? Does it following the typical plot line or does it change during the story? What do you think is happening before the story is introduced?

2. What POV is being used in this story? First person? Omniscient? Third person? Why do you think the author chose this particular point of view? How different would the story be if the POV changed?

3. Who is the protagonist in this story? Does the story have an antagonist? What does it seem that the character wants?

4. What’s the setting of the story? How do you think the setting affects the characters in the piece?

5. Is there any interesting imagery or symbolism in the story? What do you think the object, person, or color symbolizes? 

6. What do you think of the story’s language and style? Is it formal? Informal? How does this affect the mood and tone of the overall piece? Serious? Funny? Light?

7. What do you think is the overall theme of the story? What do you think is a possible point that the author is trying to make with this piece?

*** The Story of An Hour ***

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