Hello. Please help me to write:

1. Reaction paper .  Please  read “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker.

As  you read “Everyday Use,” be mindful of the way Walker uses symbolism in  the story to identify themes and character’s identities in the  piece. In your reaction paper, identify at least 3 symbols Walker uses  in the story and do the following:

  1. Describe the symbol–what it is.
  2. What do you believe the symbol represents?
  3. How does  the symbol helps us understand a theme of the story and/or something about the characters’ identities? 

Create a new paragraph for each symbol you discuss and make sure to attend to each of the above questions. 

 2. Discussions:   Responding to  “Everyday Use”  . 

Please answer the following question:

 How does the author use names to reflect cultural identity? What does Dee’s rejection of/changing her name reveal? 

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