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1. Reaction paper ,and this informal writing assignment should demonstrate thoughtful response. You will find two documents. The  first is biographical information about Maya Angelou. The second is an  NPR interview with her. After reading Maya Angelou’s biographical  information and listening to the NPR interview with her, respond to any  impression you had–anything that inspired you, anything you learned  about writing/literature/poetry, etc. Use specific quotes from the text  and or interview and respond to those ideas. You can download a  transcript of the interview so that you can refer to specific ideas she  shares.  The reaction should be 1-2 pages double-spaced.

1. It`s the  NPR interview with her:

2. Please see the attached document. 

It`s a Literature course so everything in writing should be grammatically correct (very important)

2. Discussion.  Assignment:  In Maya Angelou’s interview, it is clear that as an artist she was a  prolific and varied writer, writing poetry, fiction, memoir, and plays.  She also was a talented dancer, actor and singer. She has an  inspirational, poetic and musical quality that comes through in her  voice. What part of Angelou’s interview or story affected you the most?  Why? Be specific. Should be 6-7 sentences. 

Academic Integrity.  Please keep in mind that whenever you use someone else’s words—or their ideas,even if they are expressed in your own words—you must give credit.This is true regardless of where you find the words or ideas,whether it is a book,a magazine or newspaper, television,or the Internet.This class will include instruction on how to acknowledge your sources.Plagiarism,failing to acknowledge sources or submitting someone else’s work as your own is a serious offense.A plagiarized paper or test will receive a grade of F. 

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