3 pages

2 Sources

You will write a literary analysis of 9 Stories. Your paper should examine a theme, symbol, or character that repeats in multiple short stories. ( I picked thoughts on war)

You will analyze what the author is saying about the literary element, and how he does it.

You are required to use THREE texts for this paper: (Teddy, and a perfect day for bananafish) *I haven’t picked a 3rd story

1. 9 Stories

2. TWO scholarly articles that enhance your argument. Both articles should be located from the LRC database of online articles. (articles included)

* You are allowed to use the critical analysis article that I provide as one of your two scholarly articles.

Your paper will be 1,000 – 1,250 words. It will be in MLA format. It will be a formal, academic paper

Include thesis and outline

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