literature assignments

Assignment 1

First, watch this video about  Poetry Analysis

    What experience have you had with poetry? Do you enjoy it? Do you have a favorite poem? If not a poem, what about a song? How are poetry and music alike? Based on the video, how would you analyze a poem? What are some of the main things to look for? 

Assignment 2 


This essay should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, times new roman font, size 12. It should follow standard essay structure with an intro, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

For this first response, you will be analyzing one or two of the poems that you read (Poems to read folder). You can pick whatever poem or poems really stood out to you. You will want to focus on one or two of the literary terms we have learned this far to write about. 

Perhaps you want to analyze the theme, the point of view, the setting, the poem’s use of realism and/or naturalism. Whatever you decide works for me. Remember, you want to avoid summarizing the poem (just telling us what happens) and instead, ANALYZE the poem–why do those things happen? What do they mean? What messages or lessons is the author trying to convey? 

Please attach your essay as a word document or pdf file.  Please double space and use times new roman size 12 Font and use in-text citations and works cited when referencing the poems. 

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