literature assignments


Paper 1

Write an essay of approximately 2 – 3 pages (500 – 750 words) that analyzes one book that we have read from either the Science Fiction Module or the Fantasy Module.  Your main job is to show how important elements of science fiction literature or fantasy literature are embedded within the novel.  Be sure to focus on the following:

  1. Provide a brief summary of the story.
  2. Analyze the story:
    • Discuss a few important literary elements such as character, conflict and themes.
    • Discuss specific elements of science fiction or fantasy literature which you find in the story.
  3. Evaluate the book.  Did you like it?  Why or why not?  What can kids get out of it?


  1. Additional research should NOT be done for this assignment.  This is your personal analysis and should not be based on what other people have written. 
  2. Be sure to proofread carefully for grammar and language since these are an important part of your grade.
  3. Your essay should contain an introduction paragraph, several body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph.  Remember that each body paragraph should focus on ONE main idea.  Do not jump from one point to another.
  4. Do not try to cover all the literary elements.  Just focus on a few that you think are important in your book.
  5. Be sure to include the title, author and illustrator (if applicable) of the book in your introduction paragraph.
  6. Be sure to make clear references to the text being analyzed.  You may quote, paraphrase, or simply refer to specific events in your story.

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