literature assignments

Assignment one

After reading Richard Straub’s, “Responding–Really Responding…” take this quiz to test your understanding. (5 questions)   

1)According to Straub, what kind of reader should you consider yourself?

Select one:

a) like a judge        b) friendly            c) like a teacher 

2) List 3 ways you can present your comments. 


3)Match the answers and questions below. 

Instead of telling the reader what to do, you should ____________ what the reader might do.       suggest            demand            give praise       help others          rewrite

What should your goal be as a reader?

suggest            demand           give praise         help others                  rewrite

What is one thing you shouldn’t do to someone’s paper?

suggest                demand              give praise           help others                rewrite 


4)What are the four things you should consider before you begin commenting?



5)You should sound like yourself when you are commenting. 

Select one:

True              False 

Assignment two

 For this discussion, post your working thesis, which will be the argument or analysis you want to make about the story you have chosen to write about for your final essay. You should use the literary analysis example thesis handout located under the final essay materials folder. This should be ONLY the thesis statement (1-2 sentences), not an introductory paragraph or any part of the actual essay.  

Assignment three 

you will find the assignment sheet for the final essay, example essays, and other helpful materials. READ all of the contents before moving on.   

I’m only looking for the intro and the first two body paragraphs to be complete. 

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