literature assignments

 Assignment 1

First, consult all documents under MLA document folder.

2. Then, open the MLA Activity document attached here. Follow the directions within the document. 

Please consult the MLA Guide on The Owl at Purdue ( to find the answers. Do not guess. This will be graded for accuracy.


Assignment 2


Please answer all questions below in the text box provided. 

1. How does Neddy Merrill relate to the world in which he moves? Why does he decide to swim home?

2. What differences can be noticed between what Neddy experiences before and after the storm? How might they be explained?

3. Based on what the Hallorans, the Sachses, the Biswangers, and Shirley Adams say to Neddy, what is the truth about himself and his life of which he is unaware?

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