For this week’s forum I decided to answer the question, “Post on whether or not Rostam should be considered a hero. When reading this story you can see many attributes of a hero in Rostam but it also is very hard to see him as a hero. To start he does have some qualities as a hero like being strong and knowing what he wants. He does not seem to fear much and this would be a great quality for a hero to have.

                But when we really look into is Rostam a hero we see some qualities that make him more of a normal human or even a bad person then a hero. The way he treats people could be seen as to say it softly as if he is a jerk. But one attribute I saw that makes him not a hero is his unwillingness to learn or better himself. A true hero is always trying to be better and take care of others. We can see this when Rostam is talking to Sohrah and says “But Rostam answered, “O hero of tender age, we are not come forth to parley but to combat, and mine ears are sealed against thy words of lure. I am an old man, and thou art young, but we are girded for battle, and the Master of the world shall decide between us.” This shows that he is stubborn and stuck in his ways. Also that he may not be willing to lesson to others or care about anything but what he wants to

 You have to read ” Shahnameh, “The Tale of Sohrab”  to respond to this discussion question in 100 words 

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