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Address similarities between Don Quixote and medieval knights. In your post, discuss whether or not these shared traits cause us to question the idealization of medieval knights. Are there any similarities between Quixote and Lanval?

   The story of Don Quixote most certainly has an interesting spin on the interpretation and relation to medieval knighthood. I think the imaginative side of Don Quixote is what illuminates any relation to that of a medieval time, but it actuality I didn’t think it too similar at all to the era of knights or medieval times. As seen at the start of Don Quixote’s quest because many people saw him as a liability or collateral they immediately meant to discard him. Now in actuality the presence of a knight often inherited much more respect or at least a proper announcement during that time.  Even Lanval, although considered not as worthy as other knights, who were either more exalted to sat at the round table, still was shown the proper company of other nobles as displayed at the banquet. The story of Don Quixote to me examined more of how people interact with someone who isn’t likeminded or has similar thoughts. Throughout history people such as Don Quixote were often outcasts or punished horrifically for going against the normal way of life. As seen in the first few chapters many people wanted nothing to do with him or just wanted him away from him as quickly as possible.

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