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 For this week’s forum, I have chosen to speak on the portrayal of the mean creating the list of the perfect wife in the story of Genji. The easier way to explain my theory on these men is that men with power only want one thing, more power. This eventually translates to the selection of the perfect wife for the suitor. Seeing how in the chapters it says “In a Buddhist world, human desires are limited, finite, and sinful:” (Bowring) this can only mean the physical attraction or want for love in the relationship is out in the conversation of 

marriage. To further this theory, they speak of the genealogical chart and how it’s mapped out to see the compatibility of said spouse. It also speaks of how Genji would marry Kokiden’s sister and how deep in the enemy camp is and with that marriage is tied to the politics of the left. Further down, they speak of this marriage as “ideal in its apolitical aspects, not its romance” (Bowring) Even as fathers look to marry their daughters away, and not having the soon to be wife pick her love, Niou tells his daughters to be prepared to live their lives in seclusion in Uji if the prince doesn’t not find them suitable as it is Niou who finds Kaoru suitable as the prince and not the daughters finding him suitable. This leads me to see that the position of power, and how one can gain power or more power from these marriages, is the overall viewpoint in creating this list. 

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